Future Fuels is a Bio-Energy S.M.E. which has been created to serve the emerging market for renewable energy heating in both domestic and non-domestic buildings. We are based in Belgooly Co. Cork. We are currently manufacturing and marketing firewood logs and are fully equipped with timber stock,machinery to supply wood chip Biomass fuel to Cork city and surburbs. Our aim is to become an energy service company (ESCO) who will finance, install, fuel and maintain woodchip boilers to commercial customers in Cork.


Future Fuels keep a constant stock of over 2000 tonnes of dry wood ready for immediate processing during the winter season.

Now available Nation Wide - Kin dry Ash in 1 Cubic Metre crates below 20% moisture content.

The Firewood is delivered to your door. This reduces handling costs and gives better value to you, the customer.

Our delivery trucks will unload at your door. If you have any further queries contact us directly on 086-8181747.


Modern woodchip boilers are over 90% efficient and are fully automatic.
Using woodchip fuel can greatly reduce costs for large scale heat users - Industrial, nursing homes, schools etc...

Future Fuels offer a free heat cost audit to any business from hospitals to chicken farms to help reduce carbon emissions and heating costs.

Our Energy for Education Programme has been expanded to include businesses and local authorities in the Cork area.
This idea works by selling heat to the customer rather than the fuel. This is an ideal means for a business to reduce their heating and environmental costs without any capital expenditure.


Premium Kindling

Bulk Delivery Only / 150 Bags per Pallet





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