FUTURE FUELS are fully equipped and experienced in the installation of Woodchip biomass boilers, accumulator tanks etc...,and have a long list of satisfied clients who have drastically reduced their heat costs.

This means businesses in Cork with a high heat usage can now avail of cost cutting measures and a hugh reduction in their greenhouse gas emmissions.

FUTURE FUELS can gaurantee a constant supply of pre-dried woodchip fuel as we already hold hugh timber stocks ready for processing.

FUTUREFUELS may also be also be able to provide and install a boiler under esco "energy supply contract". This means that you the customer will have no capital costs of boiler installation etc... all you have to pay for is the heat you use. This offer is open only to commercial clients. See our Energy For schools Programme.

If you would like to find out more information please contact Pat McCann 086 8181747

Wood biomass is a carbon neutral, renewable energy source. Wood is an environmentally friendly form of heating since the combustion of a tree releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as is bound up by a growing tree.

Wood is made up of Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. It has a typical calorific value of 19.2 GJ/tonne dry matter. One tonne of wood fuel with a moisture content of 45% has a calorific value of 9.42 giga joules.

The typical house needs 14 m3 loose volume of wood chip, or 2200 kg of wood pellets, to replace 1000 litres of oil for heating and utilities.


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